Another great take on the on-ice chatter between players and officials, today’s entry stars veteran linesman Pierre Racicot, who worked the game with linesman Brian Murphy and referees Wes McCauley and Kelly Sutherland.

Racicot kicks things off with one of the best faceoff intros of all time:

“Okay, fellers,” Racicot proclaims to centers Joe Pavelski and Matt Cullen. “We are set to go. Pav first. Cully. We are kicking. We’re good. There we go. Yeah, baby!”

“Murph! Watch it here!  Puck’s coming here,” Racicot yells to alert his partner, as he hops up onto the boards in front of the Sharks’ bench. “No, she’s good, she’s good,” he tells a player calling for icing. “He crossed it. He made that effort.”

Referee Kelly Sutherland jumps in with some motivational officiating (“Good checking, guys!”) before we go back to Racicot for one final memorable draw:

“Okay, gentlemen, play ball!  Sid, you’re in first…   That’s a good play!”