Referees Dan O’Rourke and Dan O’Halloran, along with linesmen Derek Amell and Jonny Murray, were mic’d up for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the San Jose Sharks and the Pittsburgh Penguins.


Highlights include:

  • Dan O’Halloran explaining a play to Pens’ coach Mike Sullivan where the puck was blown dead for hitting a player changing at the bench. 
  • “It hit me in the head,” says linesman Derek Amell.
    “Right off the bean!” exclaims a smiling Dan O’Rourke.
    “I tried to get out of the way,” offers Amell.
    “You did! You timbered!” says O’Rourke, complete with hand signal. “At least you went the right way!”
  • Derek Amell setting the alignment before puck drop.

The NHL’s been great about offering this type of access during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  It’s great to hear what goes on at ice level between the players and the officials.