Referee Kelly Sutherland is quite possibly the best on-ice communicator in the game.  Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Sudsy’s chatter from Game 4 between the New York Islanders and Tampa Bay Lightning.  He officiated the game alongside referee Jean Hebert and linesmen Brad Kovachik and Brian Murphy.

Sutherland does a great job of letting players know where they stand, warning them about potential penalties.

“Watch that stick in the legs! Watch that crease!” he warns New York’s Brock Nelson, later relaying the message to Islanders Alternate Captain Kyle Okposo that a goal would’ve been called off due to Nelson’s efforts in front.

He also discussed a situation with the boards with off-ice official Jeff Weintraub. The game was delayed while the arena facilities team fixed the problem. 

Sutherland praises linesman Brad Kovachik after an unpopular icing call.  “Good call, Kov,” he offers. “Good call.”

Great job by Sutherland out there on the ice.  With all that chatter, none of the players – or coaches – can say they don’t know what Sutherland’s thinking.