Heading into Game 5 against the San Jose Sharks, Kings head coach Darryl Sutter spoke out about the officiating.

“There’s missed calls in the third period. When it’s 3-2, there should’ve been some calls, clearly. There’s two hooking, tripping penalties, they’ve got to call them. I mean, if they’re going to call what they did call…”

Game 4 was officiated by referees Chris Lee and Dan O’Rourke, with linesmen Michael Cormier and Steve Miller.   Penalties were crucial in that one. The Kings failed to score on their two man-advantages.  San Jose, meanwhile, went 3-for-4 on the powerplay.

“There is a lot of special teams in this series. They’ve scored five and we’ve scored three and a short-handed goal, so they’re plus one — but plus-one might’ve been [the difference] last night, and we might’ve been playing overtime until 3 this morning if they’d have given us one more. We didn’t get the call.”

From the LA Times’ Lisa Dillman:

Sutter didn’t directly say which plays he was upset about, but there were two in Game 4 that probably raised his ire.

The Kings have seen different refereeing crews for each game this series:

  • Game 1 – Brad Meier, Kevin Pollock
  • Game 2 – Frederick L’Ecuyer, Brad Watson
  • Game 3 – Dan O’Halloran, Ian Walsh
  • Game 4 – Chris Lee, Dan O’Rourke
  • Game 5 – Chris Rooney, Francois St. Laurent  (*scheduled to work)

Sutter has questioned the calls made across the four games played.   He’s also been in regular contact with series supervisor Rod Pasma, with the two speaking on a daily basis. 

“We’ve seen some funny ones this series, if you look at it. Five-on-three they scored, and neither [referee] knew that the other guy was calling the penalty. But it is what it is.”

“It’s the first round, and they go from how many officials down to who they feel are the 20 best referees. You know what? Those guys are trying to get another round too, so it’s not easy for them.”

Let’s hope for good calls all around – for the Kings’, the Sharks’, and the officials hoping to join one of those teams in the next round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.