Arena giveaways can be a lot of fun.  You show up for some hockey, watch a good game, and go home with a free souvenir. 

On some occasions, these arena giveaways backfire, ultimately finding their way back to the ice.  

The Florida Panthers found this out earlier this season, when they received two delay of game penalties for rats thrown on the ice.

The Philadelphia Flyers were most recently penalized for objects thrown on the ice. After a hit from behind by Pierre-Edouard Bellemare sparked a post-whistle scrum that saw Flyers Radko Gudas and Ryan White tossed from the game, frustrated fans pitched their high-tech light-up bracelets. 

“Show class,” said public address announcer Lou Nolan, in delivering the warning to the fans “The next one who does it will cause us a minor penalty. Do not do it!”

After the Capitals’ Alexander Ovechkin scored to make it 5-1, they did it. 

The Flyers were given a bench minor for delay of game by referees Brad Meier and Kevin Pollock.

Hopefully, the Los Angeles Kings won’t meet a similar fate at the hands of referees Chris Rooney and Francois St. Laurent. Hang on to your souvenirs, fans.