Over the course of his 23-year NHL career, linesman Andy McElman has called countless offsides. Working his 1500th and final National Hockey League game on Sunday, McElman blew the whistle one last time… and it was a close one!

Chicago’s Marcus Kruger was just offside prior to Andrew Desjardins’ shot at the empty net.  McElman was there to catch him.

While it looked like the toe of Kruger’s skate was on the ice, it was just past the line when the puck entered the zone.

Here’s the specifics of the rule, right from the NHL Rulebook:

83.1 Off-side – Players of the attacking team must not precede the puck into the attacking zone.

The position of the player’s skates and not that of his stick shall be the determining factor in all instances in deciding an off-side. A player is off-side when both skates are completely over the leading edge of the blue line involved in the play. 

Congrats to linesman Andy McElman on a terrific career — with one great call to close it out. Nice work, Mac!

(stick-tap to u/docblue over at Reddit’s r/hockeyrefs for the clip!)