Once again, the Boston Bruins found themselves at the mercy of a contested call.

Once again, the review did not go in their favor. 

Facing the division-leading Florida Panthers on Thursday, it appeared that Boston’s Patrice Bergeron may have scored on a wraparound to tie the game at two.  Referee Kelly Sutherland, in proper position though unable to see the puck as it was obscured by Luongo’s pad, did not signal for a goal on the ice.

After a lengthy review, referee Kelly Sutherland delivered the news: “After video review, there is no conclusive evidence the puck completely crossed the goal line.  The call on the ice stands.”

Bruins head coach Claude Julien spoke about the no-goal call after the game.

“The frustrating part is that we all seem to think it’s a goal. I just looked at it again and I don’t know how they can call it inconclusive. It’s hard for me to explain.”

“That’s, in my mind, a goal, and it needed to be called right. We didn’t get that. The word ‘frustrating’ comes to mind. We’ve had two now in the past two games that have been called inconclusive.” 

“To me, it looked like it was in,” said Patrice Bergeron. “But I don’t know exactly what the rule is and what they were not sure about [in the review].”

The Boston Bruins are having a rough week with the officials.

Julien called out the referees after a 4-0 loss to the Ducks on Friday. 

“I brought [the referee] over and said, ‘Do you want my guys to start dropping and diving and embellishing? Because obviously, we’re not getting the calls.’ I said, ‘You guys should have enough respect for our team right now that when you see those things happen, to call them.’ “It’s been disappointing. It just seems like game after game, you’ve got those kind of things happening. We’re trying to play the game the right way, and we’re trying not to embarrass the referees. But at the same time, you wish they would counter with some respect there and call those things that are very obvious.”

Against the Rangers on Tuesday, Julien again took issue with the officials.

“[The referee] called that penalty on Krejci, and it ended up being 2-0,” said Julien. “That was a crappy, [BS] call, and he knows why he made that call.” 

Boston dropped that game 5-2.  

The Bruins have now lost five straight games and are just one point ahead of the ninth-place Detroit Red Wings.