We’ve said it before. Hockey officials are a tough bunch.   Players get credit for battling through injuries, and the officials are no different. 

Linesman Steve Miller took a scary shot to the head on Tuesday night.  Canucks defenseman Luca Sbisa attempted to fire the puck out of the defensive zone.  Instead of hitting boards or glass, his clearing attempt connected with the side of Miller’s head. 

Miller dropped to the ice immediately, holding his right ear.  Medical trainers from both teams attended to the official.

After regaining his composure, Miller returned to his feet, sharing a quick laugh with the players on the ice. 

He shook off the shot – red ear and all – and skated over to the blue line, ready to get back to work. 

Oh, and as for that faceoff?  He let fellow linesman Jonny Murray handle the puck drop on that one.