The league’s new Coach’s Challenge has provided officials with great opportunities to review plays and ensure calls are correct.  It’s also allowed for some rule clarifications, as with this challenged goal from the Minnesota Wild. 

The goal gave the Jets a 2-1 lead. Wild coach Mike Yeo immediately threw his challenge flag called a timeout and politely notified the officials of his intent to challenge the play. 

Linesmen Brian Mach and Devin Berg reviewed the play and confirmed the call on the ice was the correct one.  The Winnipeg goal would stand. 



Rule 83.1 covers off-side plays:

A player is on-side when either of his skates are in contact with, or on his own side of the line, at the instant the puck completely crosses the leading edge of the blue line regardless of the position of his stick. 

However, a player actually controlling the puck who shall cross the line ahead of the puck shall not be considered “off-side,” provided he had possession and control of the puck prior to his skates crossing the blue line.

Linesman Brian Mach – who will work his 1,000th NHL game later this week – made the right call in real-time.  After further review, that call was confirmed.  The play was on-side. Good goal, Winnipeg.