Another day, another challenge.  After not testing the new Coach’s Challenge system in the preseason, the NHL has seen it in action for the second straight day. 

Senators/Sabres - Coach's Challenge

Linesmen Bryan Pancich (#94) and Ryan Galloway (#82) review the play with referee Frederick L’Ecuyer (#17)

Yesterday, we saw a goal called back due to missed goaltender interference. Today, an offside play. 

After Buffalo’s Evander Kane appeared to have scored the tying goal, Ottawa head coach Dave Cameron called the officials over to challenge the play. 

(I know the NHL decided on no ‘signal’ from the bench, but, after seeing challenges in action, I think we can all agree that it’d be much better to have them throw a flag or otherwise dramatically relay their intent.)

Linesmen Ryan Galloway and Bryan Pancich – the latter working his 400th career game – consulted the video evidence.

After further review, the play should’ve been whistled down for an offside.  No goal on the play. 


The goal was waved off and the clock reset back to 9:32, the time of the offside.

Coach’s Challenges are limited to goaltender interference and offside plays From NHL Rule 78.7:

The standard for overturning the call in the event of a “GOAL” call on the ice is that the Linesman, after reviewing any and all available replays and consulting with the Toronto Video Room, determines that one or more Players on the attacking team preceded the puck into the attacking zone prior to the goal being scored and that, as a result, the play should have been stopped for an “Off-side” infraction; where this standard is met, the goal will be disallowed.

Goals will only be reviewed for a potential “Off-side” infraction if: (a) the puck does not come out of the attacking zone again; or (b) all members of the attacking team do not clear the attacking zone again, between the time of the “Off-side” play and the time the goal is scored.

In the event a goal is reversed due to the Linesman determining that the play was “Off-side” prior to the goal being scored, the clock (including penalty time clocks, if applicable) will be re-set to the time at which the play should have been stopped for the “Off-side” infraction.

So far, the coach’s challenge looks to be a big success.  Rather than taking the call out of the officials’ hands, it’s empowered them to make sure they get it right. For the second time in two days, that’s exactly what’s happened.