The International Ice Hockey Federation recently held an officiating camp in Switzerland with its top female officials.  The three-day event included 33 officials — 18 referees and 15 linesmen — from 16 countries. Their slogan: ‘Always Moving Forward.’

IIHF Women's Officiating Camp

IIHF Women’s Officiating Camp (

From the IIHF:

[The event] was organized by the IIHF in co-operation with the IIHF Officiating Committee and the Swiss Federal Office of Sports in Magglingen as part of the long-term plan on the development of female officiating and to continuously develop world-class female on-ice officials for the top women’s hockey events in the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship program.

The on-ice officials were mentored by member of the IIHF Officiating Committee and IIHF Referee Supervisors who are considered to work with the top female on-ice officials at IIHF Championships.

The camp program included off-ice and on-ice team building, testing physical conditioning by local sports specialists and classroom sessions.

The main focus was on building a team and create the foundation for establishing trust among the IIHF on-ice officials and officiating staff, provide IIHF female on-ice officials scientific feedback on their respective physical conditioning and suggest practical recommendation for its improvement.

Camp Attendees

IIHF Referee Supervisors / Staff

  • Kim Pedersen
  • Pavel Halas
  • Joy Johnston
  • Bianca Piechaczek
  • Todd Anderson
  • Freddy Reichen
  • Konstantin Komissarov
  • Adrian Oggier

IIHF Referees

  • Ariano-Lortie, Gabrielle (CAN)
  • Bordeleau, Melanie (CAN)
  • Ketonen, Kaisa (FIN)
  • Picavet, Marie (FRA)
  • Hertrich, Nicole (GER)
  • Haack, Tijana (GER)
  • Weiss, Ramona (GER)
  • Nakayama, Miyuki (JPN)
  • Hove, Aina (NOR)
  • Zuyeva, Yana (RUS)
  • Eskola, Anna (SUI)
  • Fialova, Drahomira (SUI)
  • Celarova, Nikoleta (SVK)
  • Gran, Gabriela (SWE)
  • Timglas, Katarina (SWE)
  • Guay, Katie (USA)
  • Huntley, Jamie (USA)
  • Glenn, Jerilyn (USA) 

IIHF Linesmen

  • Angerer, Bettina (AUT)
  • Todd, Justine (CAN)
  • Novotna, Ilona (CZE)
  • Leet, Kaire (EST)
  • Heikkinen, Jenni (FIN)
  • Tauriainen, Johanna (FIN)
  • Girard, Charlotte (FRA)
  • Linnek, Lisa (GER)
  • Lee, Tae-Ri (KOR)
  • Nygard, Anna (NOR) 
  • Pagon, Natasa (SLO)
  • Anex, Magali (SUI)
  • Kudelova, Michaela (SVK)
  • Johansson, Veronica (SWE)
  • Spresser, Jacqueline (USA)