Like the NHL, the NCAA is working hard to try to clarify calls relating to contact with goaltenders. 

The NCAA Ice Hockey Rules Committee has proposed a change to the current rule, which rules that goals must be disallowed when an offensive player initiates contact withe the goaltender.  Under the new recommendation, it would be at the referee’s discretion to determine whether that contact interfered with the goaltender’s ability to play his position.

“The college hockey community, at all levels, voiced concern that goals were being disallowed more than they should be,” said Michian State head coach Tom Anastos, who also chairs the Rules Committee. “The committee is allowing the referee to use judgment when the contact is incidental and hopefully this will help allow goals we all believe should be legal.”

The NCAA is also looking to clarify the rules regarding contact made outside the goal crease.  Contact with any part of the goaltender’s body or equipment outside the goal crease will be considered legal, provided there’s no deliberate attempt to prevent the goaltender from making a save.  

“The rules that were made last season ended up being too rigid,” said Anastos. “We have worked hard to find a solution that will still protect our goalkeepers, but allow the offensive creativity and scoring that is needed in the game.”

The proposal will be reviewed – and hopefully approved – by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel on July 16.