Mike Murphy, the NHL’s Senior VP of Hockey Operations, normally mans the helm at the NHL’s Situation Room in Toronto.  On Thursday, he took over the NHL’s Twitter account for a peek behind the scenes of what goes on in the Situation Room.  A summary of those questions and answers is below.

About how many reviews/review requests do you get a game during the regular season?

Mike Murphy: It can vary day to day. There were approx. 300 official reviews over the course of this season.

Are final decisions made by one person or a group?

MM: Yes, one individual makes the final decision. However, the room is consulted on most reviews.

How has your experience as a coach and a player translated to your current role in Hockey Ops?

MM: Strong knowledge of the game is necessary. Experience playing/coaching translates to the role.

Do you review every goal that is scored?  How do you determine what needs to be reviewed?

MM: We review all goals & formally review any that appear kicked/high-sticked/batted/not over line.

No doubt your job requires focus. What activity, away from the job, keeps your mind fresh for game day?

MM: Stay current with what’s happening around the NHL and work out for at least an hour a day.

What is the arena video goal judge’s role if the decisions are ultimately made by the Situation Room?

MM: Another set of eyes, a conduit to the officials & a decision-maker on site if technology fails

How do you handle situations where a goal may have occurred by the refs allowed play to continue?

MM: We have to be sure goal is legal, then notify in-area goal judge to sound horn and award goal.