If you take a penalty after a goal was missed by the officials, does it still exist?  Sometimes.

Anaheim Ducks winger Corey Perry scored what appeared to be the go-ahead goal against the Winnipeg Jets. Perry raised his arms in celebration. No whistle blew. No red light came on. No signal was given by referees Brian Pochmara and Dan O’Rourke. Instead, the two teams played on.

Over a minute later, the whistle blew on a high sticking penalty to Anaheim’s Clayton Stoner. During the stoppage, the on-ice officials conferred, with the Situation Room weighing in on the possible goal. After review, the puck was determined to have crossed the line.



Perry was credited with the go-ahead goal to give the Ducks a 3-2 lead. The clock was reset back to 13:21, the time of the goal.

So why was there still a penalty? Rule 78.6 explains:

When a team scores an apparent goal that is not seen by the on-ice officials and play continues, the play shall be reviewed by the Video Goal Judge at the next stoppage of play. If the goal is confirmed by video review, the clock (including penalty time clocks, if applicable) is re-set to the time the goal was scored.

Any penalties signaled during the period of time between the apparent goal and the next stoppage of play shall be assessed in the normal manner, except when a minor penalty is to be assessed to the team scored upon, and is therefore nullified by the scoring of the goal.

Since the penalty was against the Ducks, Clayton Stoner was still sent off to serve the penalty.  Because of the ‘extra time’ between the goal and the penalty, the official time of the call was moved back to 13:21 of the third to coincide with when the goal was scored. Aside from the penalty, everything else that happened during that 1:02 was wiped clean. 

If the Jets had committed the infraction, it would have been waved off as if the goal were scored on a delayed penalty.

Similarly, if the Jets or Ducks had scored a goal after Perry’s missed goal, it wouldn’t have counted, since Perry’s shot was ruled a good goal.

(stick-tap to /r/hockeygamegifs for the clip)