Via Blueline Station

Blueline Station’s Lewis Rosengarten took a critical look at NHL officiating:

“It must first be stated that hockey is perhaps the most difficult sport to officiate. The referees and linesmen must keep up with the unmatched speed of the players the entire game, often eclipsing thirty miles an hour. Officials have to be in supreme shape and must make instant breakneck speed calls, staying in position, without the benefit of slow motion or arm chair refereeing. Contrast this with the motionless, grazing that a baseball umpire can enjoy if his assignment is not home plate, or a pitcher is tossing a hitless gem.”

Rosengarten looked at changes in enforcing the rules over the years, including the introduction of video replay and the addition of a second referee — a change of which he was not necessarily in favor.

“Unfortunately, the league has merely doubled the chances of a poor call, and the ice is now more cluttered. I have lost count of how many instances the refs or linesmen have gotten in the way, particularly anywhere along the boards. With more blown goals and crowding the ice, officials are affecting the play adversely more than ever.”

His solution:  an off-ice official responsible for on-ice infractions. Read more…

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