With the Edmonton Oilers already up 4-0 on the Blue Jackets, winger Nail Yakupov tried to extend his club’s lead even farther.

He blasted a shot from the faceoff circle as Columbus defenseman James Wisniewski crashed into the net, knocking it off its moorings. Referee Tim Peel (#20) called it a goal on the ice.  After consulting with the war room in Toronto, the league agreed.

From the NHL:

At 10:36 of the second period in the Blue Jackets/Oilers game, the Situation Room initiated a video review because it appeared Nail Yakupov’s shot crossed the goal line before the net was displaced. The referee informed the Situation Room that it was a good goal regardless of when the net was displaced since Yakupov was in the process of shooting the puck into the net before the Columbus player displaced the goal.


According to rule 63.6 “In the event that the goal post is displaced, either deliberately or accidentally, prior to the puck crossing the normal positions of the goal posts, the referee may award a goal. In order to award a goal in this situation, the goal post must have been displaced by the actions of a defending player, the puck must have been shot (or the player must be in the act of shooting) at the goal prior to the goal post being displaced, and it must be determined that the puck would have entered the net between the normal position of the goal posts. The goal frame is considered to be displaced if either or both goal pegs are no longer in their respective holes in the ice, or the net has come completely off one or both pegs, prior to or as the puck enters the goal“.

This is not a reviewable play – call on the ice stands, good goal Edmonton.

Or, more simply put:


Nice shot, Nail. Way to increase your value to the team (either on the ice or as trade bait)