On November 11th, Fred Shero was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Over at Hockey Buzz, former NHL referee Paul Stewart shared some memories of the legendary coach and general manager.  Here’s an excerpt:

Paul Stewart, via Hockey Buzz

Paul Stewart, via Hockey Buzz

On Monday in Toronto, the Hockey Hall of Fame will induct the late, great Philadelphia Flyers coach Fred Shero in its Builders category of honorees. This honor is way past overdue, but I am glad that it has finally happened. I’m thrilled also that Ray Shero will have the opportunity to accept on behalf of his father.

I want to share with you my own personal debt of gratitude to Fred Shero. Not only did I learn things from him that inspired me to believe I really could have a professional playing career in hockey, but there are things I learned from him that I apply to this very day in working with referees in both a supervision and instructional capacity…

There’s also this…

I said to him, “Listen, I just need to ask you something. I need to ask you why you did that to me. I mean, what did I ever do to you? We’re teammates.”

He said, “[Bleep] you, I’m not here to be friends with you.”

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