The complete, updated 2013-14 NHL Rulebook is now available.  Some of the biggest changes from last season:

  • Icing
    • Hybrid icing has been implemented.  Linesmen can now bow the whistle for icing if they determine that:

      1. the puck will cross the goal line, and

      2. the defending player is not trailing in the race to the faceoff dots in the defensive zone.  “I think for our guys, they’ll be able to handle it easily,” Direction of Officiating Stephen Walkom told “Our guys are going to be ready after exhibition to implement it… Our guys are good enough to do it.”

    • Icings will not longer be waved off on an attainable pass.  In the past, the linesmen could wave it off if the puck was a pass that was in a position to be played. Now it’s more straightforward – if the puck is not touched past the red line by an attacking player, it’s icing.
  • Shallower Nets
    • While the opening of the goal cage remains 4’x6′, the depth and width of the net behind the goal line has been reduced.  Nets are 4″ shallower and have reduced 4″ from each side. The support bars have also been repositioned to provide a better view of the goal line for replay situations.
  • Equipment
    • Visors are now mandatory for any players with less than 25 games of NHL experience.

    • Existing uniform rules – most specifically those requiring that all pads be covered and that jerseys not be tucked in – will be more strictly enforced.

    • Goalie pads have been shortened slightly. The new calculation has resulted in a 1″-3″ reduction from the tops of the pads for goaltenders.
  • Fighting
    • Players will no longer receive an additional unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for instigating a fight while wearing a visor.
    • An additional two-minute penalty will be assessed to any player who removes his helmet prior to a fight.
  • Hits to the Head
    • The language around Rule 48, which covers illegal hits to the head, has been modified. The new wording no longer specifies that the hit ‘targeted’ the head.   Interpretation and enforcement of the rule has not changed.

Read through all 213 pages of the 2013-14 NHL Rulebook here.


NHL 2013-14 Rule Book