The 2021-22 offseason has been a busy one for the NHL Officiating office.  A number of retirements over the past few seasons – along with no new hires for 2020-21 – have left quite a few striped jerseys to fill for the National Hockey League. The NHL’s latest moves have done just that.

Three referees have been promoted from AHL/NHL officials to full-time in the NHL: Furman South, Corey Syvret, and Michael Markovic.   Their part-time positions, working games at the AHL and NHL levels, have been filled by the hires of Jordan Samuels-Thomas, Justin Kea, Cody Beach, and Carter Sandlak.

On the bluelines, all five AHL/NHL linesmen from 2020-21 have been promoted to full-time: Kyle Flemington, Julien Fournier, Jesse Marquis, Tyson Baker, and Travis Toomey.   They’re joined by two new hires making the jump right to the NHL: Jonathan Deschamps and Ben O’Quinn.

The AHL/NHL linesmen for the upcoming season, who typically work 40 games in each league, are Justin Johnson, Mitchell Hunt, CJ Murray, Caleb Apperson, and Kilian McNamaraDan Kelly, who worked as an AHL/NHL referee last season, has transitioned over to work the lines.



  • Referee Furman South (#13)
  • Referee Corey Syvret (#23)
  • Referee Michael Markovic (#31)
  • Linesman Kyle Flemington (#55)
  • Linesman Julien Fournier (#56)
  • Linesman Jesse Marquis (#86)
  • Linesman Tyson Baker (#88)
  • Linesman Travis Toomey (#90)

New Hires – Full-Time

  • Linesman Jonathan Deschamps (#80)
  • Linesman Ben O’Quinn (#91)

New Hires – Part-Time (AHL/NHL)

  • Referee Jordan Samuels-Thomas (#42)
  • Referee Justin Kea (#44)
  • Referee Cody Beach (#45)
  • Referee Carter Sandlak (#47)
  • Linesman Justin Johnson (#57)
  • Linesman Mitchell Hunt (#62)
  • Linesman CJ Murray (#68)
  • Linesman Caleb Apperson (#77)
  • Linesman Kilian McNamara (#93)

Transition – Referee-to-Linesman

  • Linesman Dan Kelly (#98)


In addition to filling gaps created through retirements, the NHL Officials’ CBA also included an additional referee and linesmen added to the officiating roster for the 2021-22 season.

Congratulations to those promoted and to the NHL’s newest officials!  Welcome aboard!