The World Cup of Hockey is coming to Toronto this summer. The venue is set, the teams are in place, and the rosters have been announced.  The only thing left are the officials.

Here are the seven NHL referees and seven NHL linesmen selected to officiate this year’s World Cup of Hockey tournament.  No word on whether they’ll don the traditional zebra stripes, at they did in 1996, or the solid gray sweaters, above, worn in 2004. 

World Cup Referees

  • Gord Dwyer
  • Eric Furlatt
  • Wes McCauley
  • Dan O’Halloran
  • Dan O’Rourke
  • Chris Rooney  Chris Lee
  • Kelly Sutherland

Rooney has been injured, with Chris Lee taking his place.

World Cup Linesmen

  • Derek Amell
  • Michel Cormier
  • Shane Heyer
  • Steve Miller
  • Brian Murphy
  • Jonny Murray
  • Pierre Racicot  

Of the officials chosen, all worked the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs.  All eight Cup Final officials are working – referees Wes McCauley, Dan O’Halloran, Dan O’Rourke, Kelly Sutherland, and linesmen Derek Amell, Brian Murphy, Jonny Murray, and Pierre Racicot. They’re joined by four officials who worked the Conference Finals – referees Gord Dwyer and Eric Furlatt, and linesmen Michel Cormier and Steve Miller.   Referee Chris Rooney and linesman Shane Heyer round out the group. 

Linesmen Derek Amell, Brian Murphy, and Pierre Racicot also officiated the 2004 World Cup. 


The pre-tournament round, from September 8-14, will include four exhibition games in Europe and eight in North America.  The four European games will include mixed officiating crews with NHL and international officials working the games.   All North American games will be handled exclusively by the chosen NHL officials. 

The tournament runs from September 17 though October 1, with a best-of-three final round series to determine the champion. All games will be held at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. 

The inaugural World Cup, held in 1996, was won by Team USA.  Canada defeated Finland to claim the 2004 World Cup.  

The pre-tournament games will be officiated by IIHF and NHL officials, including Gord Dwyer, Eric Furlatt, Michel Cormier, and Steve Miller.

Best of luck to all the officials selected to work the tournament.  Congratulations!