It was a championship for the ages.  It also required a goal review that took ages.

The CCHA handed out the Mason Cup to the Minnesota State Mankato Mavericks after a 2-1 overtime victory.  The goal was reviewed, the championship was celebrated, the trophy was awarded, even championship hats were donned on the ice.

But the CCHA’s review didn’t have all the angles.  One of them clearly showed the game was not won on a legal goal.

The puck can be seen entering the net outside the post – indicating that the puck went under the net.


Forty minutes later – yes, forty – the Mavericks’ goal from Josh Groll was overturned.   The game would resume.

From the CCHA:
The CCHA instantly reviewed the Minnesota State goal at 3:02 of overtime and initially ruled the play as a good goal.
Additional TV production camera angles made available to the officials provided conclusive evidence that the goal net was elevated and the puck entered underneath the frame. The play on the ice will be overturned and ruled no goal.
The ice will be resurfaced, followed by a five minute warm-up. The game clock will be set to 16:58 remaining in overtime.
The winner will be awarded the Mason Cup and advance to the NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament to compete for a National Championship.


The puck dropped, picking back up where things left off, only over an hour later. Just over two minutes in, Minnesota State scored – legally, this time, on a goal by Jack McNeely – to reclaim their 2022 Mason Cup.

And, yes, the officials did review it to make sure.  Officials for the game were referees Brady Johnson (#11) and Derek Berkebile (#5), with linesmen Tyler Landman (#73) and Nathan Voll (#84).

CCHA commissioner Don Lucia spoke after the game

“We had an indication that there were added replays available,” Lucia said. “The teams were still actually on the ice celebrating and there was a lot at stake for Bemidji State – a chance to go to the NCAA tournament – and the bottom line is as we looked at different replay opportunities, we felt that the puck had gone underneath the net when the goalie slid and hit the pipe, but ultimately it’s not our call at that point. We went in and got the officials [and] brought them in [to review the goal].”

“They made the decision with the replay views that they had that the puck went under the net when the skate came and kicked the [goal post]. There were some views of the puck almost behind the goal line before it entered the net so it’s almost impossible for it to go in any other way.  Just that slight kicking I think elevated the net a little bit and it went on the outside of the post, not the inside of the post.”

“I think you always want to [get the call right] but I think the most important thing is you know you’re not going to change your call the next day or something like that. We’ve had some of those situations where somebody scores in overtime the teams are off the ice and then it gets challenged and you go back on. It’s kind of a similar situation and, you know, it’s a good question: when does the game end and when does it not?  To me, the game ends on a legitimate goal and when the teams are there and they’re in a position that they can play the game and restart the game.”

“Ultimately I thought the most important thing was that we get the call right.”

Eventually, they did, even if it didn’t change the outcome.

Minnesota State won the game 2-1, capturing the Mason Cup.  Again.