The Hanson Brothers may have made putting on the foil famous. So much so that it’s something the NHL expressly prohibits when it causes injury. The NHL’s ban applies to tape or any material on the hand during a fight, as New York Rangers forward J.T. Miller recently found out.

Miller was given a match penalty for fighting and causing injury with tape on the hands, per 46.15:

46.15 Match Penalty – Any player wearing tape or any other material on his hands (below the wrist) who cuts or injures an opponent during an altercation will receive a match penalty in addition to any other penalties imposed including for fighting under this rule.

Kalinin was cut on the play, prompting the call from referee Mike Leggo.

Miller was ejected from the game, with the Devils picking up a five-minute power play. 

Some eagle-eyed fans picked up on the fact that Kalinin was also wearing a wrap on his hand. Since Miller was not injured, Kalinin did not receive a penalty for his protective wrap.

You can argue the validity of the rule  — if both players have hands taped, but only one lands punches, he would receive a greater penalty —  but you can’t argue the call.  

Leggo went by the book on this one.