Nearly ten months ago, the Los Angeles Kings lost a game after a goal that resulted from a puck off the netting.   On Thursday night, the same type of play nearly cost the Kings again.

Dallas winger Curtis McKenzie’s shot went off Kings goaltender Martin Jones before deflecting off the glass and into the netting, which was undetected by the officials at the time.  With no whistle, the teams played on until Stars forward Jamie Benn fired a shot that eluded Jones and found the back of the net.

The Kings protested. Mike Richards, who was directly under where the puck left the playing surface, gestured towards the netting. Referees Dave Jackson and Chris Lee discussed the play with linesmen Andy McElman and Mark Shewchyk.

After the discussion with the on-ice crew, referee Dave Jackson called Toronto for video review of the play.  This year, replays have been expanded to allow for review of situations where the play might not be a good hockey goal, including plays off the netting.  This play, though, was ineligible.  Toronto refused to rule on the netting contact since enough time had elapsed between the puck in the netting and the actual goal being scored.  A total of eight seconds ticked off the game clock between the puck going into the netting and Benn’s goal. Unlike last year’s goal by the Red Wings, the puck did not go directly off the netting leading immediately to a goal.

The call was solely in the hands of the on-ice crew.  Dave Jackson delivered the verdict: “After discussion on the ice among with the four officials, we determined that the puck hit the mesh. No goal.”

Here’s the official ruling from the NHL:

At 7:20 of the second period in the Dallas Stars/Los Angeles Kings game, the puck hit the spectator netting prior to being shot into the Los Angeles net. The four on-ice officials immediately huddled and confirmed the puck went out of play under Rule 85.1, which states: “Should the puck strike the spectator netting at the ends and the corners of the arena, play shall be stopped and the ensuing face-off shall be determined as if the puck went outside the playing area.”

When the referee came to video review, he was informed that this is not a reviewable play since the puck did not cross the goal line as an immediate result of hitting the spectator netting. Therefore the on-ice decision stands – no goal Dallas.

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