Scouting the Refs - 2014 Stanley Cup Final Referees and Linesmen

As the playoffs move on, the number of teams dwindle down — and so do the officials.  The NHL has made their cuts for the officiating crews.  Four referees and four linesmen are left.  Here are your officials for the NHL Stanley Cup Final:


Steve Kozari

Wes McCauley

Dan O’Halloran

Brad Watson


Derek Amell

Scott Driscoll

Shane Heyer

Brad Kovachik

Kozari and Watson have worked together since Round 2.  O’Halloran and McCauley have been paired up since Game 7 of Round 2. Three of the four have been to the Cup Final previously. This is Brad Watson’s eighth appearance, Dan O’Halloran’s seventh, and McCauley’s second. Steve Kozari will be making his Stanley Cup Final debut, likely in Game 1.

Linesman Shane Heyer covered the Final in 2007, 2008, and 2013.  Derek Amell handled 2009 and 2012. Scott Driscoll most recently worked the Final in 2007.   Brad Kovachik, an 18-year veteran linesman, is making his Stanley Cup Final debut.

Rangers fans may be surprised to see Scott Driscoll make the cut.  He was the official whose grasp Dan Carcillo struggled to escape, resulting in an inadvertent elbow and a 10-game suspension.

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Gone are referees Dave Jackson, Marc Joannette, Dan O’Rourke, and Kevin Pollock. Jackson and O’Rourke worked Games 2 and 6 of Kings/Blackhawks and Game 2 of Rangers/Canadiens. Joannette and Pollock officiated Game 1 and 5 of Kings/Hawks as well as Rangers/Canadiens Game 3.  Linesmen who missed the cut are Steve Barton, Steve Miller, Jonny Murray, and Pierre Racicot.

Congratulations to this year’s Stanley Cup Final officiating crew!  Check back for game-day previews of each night’s officiating crew!

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