Day: February 8, 2016

Rangers’ Hayes Given Misconduct for Stick Over Glass

Some penalties are automatic, like shooting the puck over the glass.  That’ll get you two minutes in the box. Try it with a stick, though, and you’ll sit for ten.  here is Hayes misconduct for throwing broken stick into crowd. This is an automatic misconduct. — Stephanie (@myregularface) February 9, 2016 New York Rangers forward Kevin Hayes found himself with a lot of time to think about Rule 53 on Monday night.  From the NHL Rulebook: 53.4 Misconduct or Game Misconduct Penalty – A misconduct penalty shall be imposed on a player who unintentionally or accidentally throws his stick or...

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A Referee’s Advice for Officials and Parents: Have Fun

Guest post from OMHA veteran referee Mike Stauffer:    In the almost 20 years of being a hockey referee, the comment that I heard most often from others when they found out I was a ref was, “I don’t know how you do it!”. The reply was always the same, “I do it because I enjoy it. When I no longer enjoy going to the rink to ref a game, that is when I will stop.” This was the one thing I always said to myself. If I was no longer enjoying going to the rink, if I stopped...

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Referees Assaulted After NJ High School Hockey Game

Two referees were hospitalized after a post-game attack following a New Jersey high school hockey game that saw a player also leave via ambulance.   Sunday afternoon’s game between Manalapan and Howell High Schools ended in a 1-1 tie, with the greater concern being what transpired after the buzzer sounded. “The dispute started during the game,” said the release from the Howell Police Department. “Following the game, one parent approached two referees regarding the dispute. At this time a physical altercation began and a [fourth] subject became involved in the altercation. “The four subjects involved in the physical altercation sustained...

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Tonight’s NHL Referees & Linesmen – 2/8/16

New Jersey Devils at New York Rangers – 7:00 EST Referees Trevor Hanson (#31) Games 2015-16: 42 Career Games: 69 First NHL Game: Oct 24 2013 Birthplace: Richmond, BC   Hanson NHL Rank NHL Avg Goals/Gm 5.5 9 5.2 PP/Gm 3.3 10 3.1 Penl/Gm 4.1 15 3.9 PIM/Gm 9.2 23 9.5 % of Penl on Home 47% 26 48% More Penl on Road 14% 8 8% Home Win % 76% 3 65% Home Rec. 32-10     Games to OT/SO 21% 22 23% Calls by Period 1st 2nd 3rd Pctg 37% 32% 31% Rank 8 35 12 Team Records...

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