Day: October 4, 2013

Scouting the Umps: Ron Kulpa Blew It Again

Sometimes, officials of other sports require a watchful eye.   Take, for example, MLB umpire Ron Kulpa. He must hate the Texas Rangers. Despite being born and raised in St. Louis, maybe he’s a New York Islanders fan and hates everything ‘Ranger’.  Maybe he’s not a fan of ’90s television shows starring Chuck Norris.  Whatever the reasons, he’s got it in for the boys from Arlington. First, he blew a call in the 2011 World Series that allowed his hometown Cardinals to pick up an extra four runs. Recently, he blew a called strike.  At least, it looked like...

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International Officials Gearing Up for Sochi

While fans are excited about their countries’ respective Olympic training camps, remember that it’s not just the players who will be headed over to Russia in February. The officials are also preparing for the tournament. The Olympics, as an international competition should, feature referees from leagues all over the world.  Seventeen referees and fifteen linesmen participated in the camp, representing twelve different countries.  Of those, seven referees and seven linesmen will be selected for the Sochi games.   From the IIHF: “We invited top referees and top linesman. It’s the third year we do this, this time for the selection and...

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